This Should Be Cimple

, , , , | Right | August 19, 2019

(An older, Asian-American woman approaches me. She speaks with a thick accent.)

Customer: “Excuse me. Could you help me?”

Me: “Of course. What are you looking for?”

Customer: “Cimin.”

Me: “Sorry, what?”

Customer: “Cimin?”

Me: “Cinnamon?”

Customer: “Yes…”

Me: “Okay, we have a small grocery area, so we could go check…Let me show you.”

(I lead her there.)

Customer: *looks bewildered at the spices* “No… Cimin!” *gestures to floor*

Me: “Oh, do you mean cement?”

Customer: *smiling* “Yes!”

Me: “That will be right over here! I’m sorry for the misunderstanding!”

(I then showed her what we had and helped her find the right crack filler, which was what she was looking for.)

Customer: “Oh, thank you! You’re so helpful!… I’m so glad God made you!”

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