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This Short, Black Hair Is Telling Tall Tales

, , , , | Legal | July 4, 2020

My friend told me this story. He works in an upscale Chinese restaurant as a chef. Given the area, the majority of the clientele are mostly rich businessmen with the snobby attitude to match.

It was lunchtime, so only two chefs — my friend and the head chef — were working the kitchen due to how slow lunchtimes were. There was one larger party in the restaurant having a business meeting, along with some smaller groups. Partway through the lunchtime hours, the manager came running into the kitchen, red. The business party had complained of a hair in the food and was demanding that the chefs personally come out and publicly apologise to Save Face.

They were both ushered out to the party and stood in front of about ten businessmen looking angry, pointing accusingly at a short, black hair floating in a bowl of soup and shouting about having their jobs. Both my friend and the head chef cracked up, making the party even angrier. They then took off their chef hats. My friend has long hair to his upper thighs that he plaits to make it easier to get it under a hairnet; the head chef is completely bald. The short hair quite clearly belonged to neither of them.

The businessmen — all of whom had short, black hair — fell silent and the manager shoved both chefs back to the kitchen, even redder, though this time because of embarrassment rather than anger. The businessmen were not invited back for trying to scam the restaurant.

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