This Service Ticket Died

, , , | Right | July 3, 2018

(My coworker is calling someone who has put in a service ticket.)

Coworker: “Hello, [Customer]. This is [Coworker] from the [Company] Help Desk. I noticed that you put in a request for your account password to be reset.”

Customer: “Yes, I did.”

Coworker: “All right. Are you near a computer at the moment?”

Customer: “No, I am not.”

Coworker: “Is there a way you could access the Internet?”

Customer: “No, I am at my grandmother’s funeral.”

Coworker: “Uh…” *at a loss for words* “Maybe you could call us at a time that is better for you.”

Customer: “Yeah, that would be good.”

Coworker: “Okay, give us a call when you are free and near a computer… Have a… nice day… I’m sorry?”

(I hang up.)

Coworker: *turning to me* “Why would you answer the phone during your grandmother’s funeral?”

(I about died laughing.)

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