This Sale Is Trash

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(I’m a manager at a chain children’s clothing store. People are always scamming, and always awful, but it’s especially horrible around Christmas and during the post-Christmas return rush. The day after Christmas, we have to change literally every single piece of marketing in the store. Since EVERYTHING is always on sale, or on some promotion, this means hundreds and hundreds of sign changes. This time I throw away all of the old marketing instead of putting it in the back. About an hour after I changed the signs on a table, I see a woman reach behind the counter and pull a 40% off sign out of the trash can. I have other work to do, so I ignore her; I don’t care at all that she wants some garbage, but I have a feeling it’s going to matter later. She walks off to go browse. Twenty minutes later, I hear one of my coworkers having trouble with a customer at the register, so I walk over, and it’s the trash woman:)

Customer: “The sign on the table said 40% off.”

Associate: “Okay, well, we can go look and see. We are in the middle of a price change, so maybe we missed something.”

(The table in question has eight giant, red signs for 25% off. Nearly everything in the store is 25% off. There is absolutely no mistaking the sale.)

Customer: “See! This 40% sign is RIGHT HERE!” *pointing to the sign she has presumably set on top of a pile of clothes* “This should be 40% off.”

Associate: *unaware of the woman’s trash grabbing* “Ma’am, I see that the sign is on the table, but sometimes people just set them down; maybe another customer picked it up off the floor. But you can see that there are a lot of other signs on the table, and if that sign was in a sign holder I could give it to you for that price, but since it’s the only one and we clearly didn’t put it there, I can’t change the price for you.”

Customer: *now starting to yell and interrupt* “But the sign said 40% off, and I want 40% off!”

(This all happens as I’m walking over to help my coworker. As I walk up the woman asks to speak to a manager. I’ve had enough of people, and I probably shouldn’t do this, but oh, well.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m the manager. What can I help you with?”

Customer: “The sign said 40% off, and she won’t give it to me for that price!”

Me: “Ma’am, I saw you take the sign out of the trash. It’s no longer valid marketing, and we will absolutely not honor that price, as I changed the sign myself before you came in today.”

Customer: “But—“

Me: “We have you on camera reaching behind the counter and taking the sign out of the trash, as well as you placing the sign on the table. I can give you the number for customer service if you have any more questions, but everything on this table is 25% off.”

(She bought everything she had originally intended to purchase, but she made sure to let the person she was with know that she thought we were no-good, piece of s*** scammers.  It truly all is on camera. I checked later.)

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