This Sale Is Just Winging It

, , , , , | Right | April 5, 2019

(A customer approaches our self-serve wing bar and points to an ad in our ad flyer that says that “crispy glazed wings” are on sale.)

Customer: “Which flavor is this?”

Me: “It’s all of them, sir.”

Customer: “Yeah, but which one is this?”

Me: “It means every flavor is on sale, sir.”

Customer: *tapping the ad very hard with his finger* “But which one is THIS?!”

Me: “Crispy glazed wings?”

Customer: “Yeah! THIS!”

Me: “‘Crispy glazed wings’ does not refer to any particular flavor. It means every single flavor we have is on sale.”

Customer: “WHICH ONE IS IT?!”

Me: “All of them!”

Customer: *tosses the flyer on the ground and stomps away* “F****** a**hole!”

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