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This Sale Is A Smoking Gun

| Working | December 2, 2015

(I was on my way into work at one of the stores in the mall when I’m stopped by a man selling electronic cigarettes from one of those temporary stalls near the entrance.)

Salesman: “Hey, there, do you smoke?”

Me: “No, I don’t.”

(Thinking the interaction is over, I continue to work, but the salesman follows me.)

Salesman: “Well, would you like to start?”

(I stop, because I’m honestly confused about what he’s trying to do and he tries to hand me the e-cigarette he’s holding.)

Me: “Um… I think that’s the exact opposite of what those e-cigarettes are trying to achieve, so, no, I wouldn’t like to start.”

(The polite smile he’s had on his face up until now vanishes and he sneers at me.)

Salesman: “Well, excuse me for trying to make my f******* sales target.”

Me: “I’m not sure pressuring people to start smoking and swearing at them when they refuse is the best way to do that.”

Salesman: “B****.”

(He takes a step towards me, and, despite us being in the middle of a crowded mall, I’m a little concerned. Someone grabs the salesman from behind and I look to see a security guard I hadn’t noticed before.)

Security Guard: “All right, that’s the third time today. Time to go.”

(The security guard dragged the guy away, practically kicking and screaming, and I don’t stick around to see what happens and instead hurry on to work before I’m late. When I left work, the stall and the salesman were both gone and I haven’t seen either since.)