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This Roll Is Not Your Calling

| Learning | April 2, 2016

(I have the same homeroom teacher from my sophomore year until my senior year of high school. My homeroom teacher consistently calls me by the wrong name. I finally just stopped correcting her… until the last week of senior year.)

Teacher: *inexplicably decides to call roll from the list* “[Student #1]?”

Student #1: “Here!”

Teacher: “[My Name]… We don’t have a [My Name] in here!”

Me: *I slowly raise my hand* “Umm…”

Teacher: “No, your name is Allison.”

Me: *shakes me head*

(The rest of the class giggles nervously.)

Teacher: “But… What… Why didn’t you tell me?”

Me: “I did, but after a while I stopped…”

Teacher: *stares at me, then marks me present*

(I honestly wonder whether I was marked absent for three years, or whether she never actually took roll.)

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