This Ride-Along Is Peppered With Incident

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Several years ago, my dad got to go on a ride-along with a family friend of ours that happened to be a cop. They ended up responding to an incident where a couple of bicycle cops had caught someone and needed to have him taken to the station.

My dad and our friend showed up at the scene. They managed to get the guy into the car. The guy was on something, but they just weren’t sure what. He’d ended up needing to be pepper-sprayed because he wasn’t backing down when asked to stop advancing on the responding officers. The two of them got him back to the station and into the hands of whoever for processing. As our friend was filling out the necessary paperwork, they heard:

“You really don’t want to do that. Nope, I wouldn’t take your pants off. I wouldn’t do that.”

This was followed by a bloodcurdling shriek.

Apparently, the guy had decided he needed to go to the bathroom. After being pepper-sprayed. Another officer was called in to help calm him down.

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