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This Return Is All Bark And No Bite

, , , | Right | October 6, 2018

(I’m the manager on duty at a custom toy store chain. One of my newer staff members is talking with a guest and waves me over.)

Guest: “I just bought two of [Stuffed Dog Toy] the other day, but I realized when I got home that the tag on the collar is missing.”

(The guest noticeably does not have the defective toy in question on her.)

Me: “Oh, no. I’m sorry that happened. If you bring the defective one back, I’ll be happy to do an exchange!”

Guest: *shoots me a glare* “I have to bring it back?!”

Me: “Well, yes. I need to have the defective one before we give you a new one.”

(The guest briskly walks out to her waiting husband, I overhear her saying in a huff, “He has to see it.” Thinking that’s the end of that strange interaction, I go about my business. Later the guest returns with just the receipt. Still no toy dog.)

Guest: “I found it; give me my replacements!”

Me: “Sorry, ma’am, the receipt isn’t the issue. I need the toy back to do anything for you.”

Guest: “This is ridiculous; I’m from overseas! It’s just a tag!”

Me: “I don’t have the ability to just give you a tag. I would need to exchange the whole toy.”

Guest: “This is ridiculous! It’s bad customer service! If I have to make another trip, then it’s just going to be for my money back!”

Me: “Sorry you feel that way.”

(The guest storms out, screaming about how terrible the service is.)

Employee: “In what country would she have just gotten a new one, just because she said it’s broken?”

Question of the Week

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