This Repair Had Better Be No Charge

| Working | April 17, 2013

(I had taken my phone in a week before because it would not charge. An employee, Employee #1, replaced the charge port. However, when I got home I discovered it still didn’t charge.)

Me: “Hey, I was in here almost a week ago to get my phone repaired. Thing is, it still won’t charge. I wasn’t able to get in before today but it’s within the seven day repair guarantee. Could you check this again?”

Employee #1: “You dropped it. Sorry, can’t fix it.”

Me: “Uh, no, I didn’t drop it. Could you please look at it and see why your repair isn’t working?”

Employee #1: “Don’t lie. You dropped it.”

(As Employee #1 turns away from me, Employee #2 arrives. They’re much more helpful.)

Employee #2: “Here, ma’am, let me see the phone.”

Me: *gives him my phone*

Employee #2: *to Employee #1* “Did you give her a new charger when you replaced the old port?”

Employee #1: “No, because she dropped the phone!”

(Employee #2 pulls a new charger out, checks it with the port, shows me my phone now charges successfully.)

Employee #2: *to Employee #1* “The old charger won’t work right with the new port, you d***.  You should always check. You’re such an a**!”

(Thankfully, Employee #2 waived off the charge for a repair.)

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