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This Relationship Is Banned

| Romantic | May 19, 2017

My lifelong favorite band broke up when I was a bit too young to have ever had a chance to attend a concert, and they notoriously hated each other too much to reunite, so I accepted years ago that I never would get to see them play live. Amazingly, a few years ago they decide to do one short tour, and one of the stops is in my city!

Since I am at work when the tickets go on sale and my boyfriend has the day off, he offers to get the tickets. He successfully buys them and I am very excited!

A couple months later it is the month of the concert. He gets his work schedule and sees he is booked to work the day of the concert and the day after — out-of-town work, so impossible to come home for the evening. I assume he would trade shifts with someone or, worst case scenario, sell or give me his ticket. It’s THE concert of my life so of course he wouldn’t spoil it for me, right?

A couple weeks before the concert I ask to get the tickets from him since he is for-sure not getting the days off. He casually tells me that he gave the tickets away, because he couldn’t go, and they were his tickets, so why would he keep them if he couldn’t use them? No explanation of why I would not have been the first person he’d offer them to. If I’d known he considered them “his” tickets, I would have fought harder to pay him for one so I’d have rights. Or I would have snuck away during work on ticket-sales day and got my own tickets.

Dude screwed me out of seeing my favorite band, an opportunity that will never happen again, and he didn’t even apologize. In his slimy little brain he had done nothing wrong!

No, things didn’t work out between us.

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