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This Professor Is Making Me Nervous

| Learning | September 10, 2013

(I am in a physiological psychology class on the first day. Our professor is really laid back and relaxed, and is leaning against the whiteboard for most of class. Right now, he’s going over our notes on the autonomic nervous system with the class.)

Professor: “So, we have the parasympathetic nervous system, which handles basic maintenance stuff, and we have the sympathetic nervous system, which handles stuff like—”

(The marker tray he’s leaning against breaks, and the entire bottom part of the whiteboard falls to the ground with a huge bang! The whole class jolts up in shock, and the professor yelps and jumps.)

Classmate: “Professor, you okay!?”

Professor: “Yeah I’m fine! And as I was saying: It handles the fight or flight response! That was totally intentional.”

(It did indeed make for a very good example!)

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