This Problem Will Be A Problem

| Learning | November 19, 2016

(I am in eighth grade and second semester my class takes geometry for our math course. It is the second day of the class. The teacher is hesitantly doing problems on the board when a student asks her to explain a couple of the equations.)

Teacher: “Well, it’s because… This problem is different from this one because… Wait a few minutes!”

(She runs out the door for the fifth time that lesson. She returns ten minutes later.)

Teacher: “Okay, this is what’s going on with this problem…”

(This happened another three times. We were all curious as to why she kept leaving. A few days later, we learned from the other eighth grade class taking algebra in the high school building that she constantly interrupted THEIR class to ask the high school math teacher teaching the class to explain geometry problems to her! It was no wonder that several students out of our primarily ‘A’ honor roll and AP-level class struggled to maintain even a passing grade in a class that should have been one of the easiest math classes out there!)

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