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This Problem Is No Small Potatoes

, , , , , | Friendly | CREDIT: Thedepressionoftrees | May 14, 2021

I am really allergic to potatoes. They give me blisters all over my mouth and make me violently ill for about two days after eating them.

When I was about eight years old, I was having a sleepover with my best friend. My mom dropped me off at about noon, so I was going to have dinner at their house. My mother specifically told my friend’s mother that I was allergic to potatoes, so she could make something without them.

When dinner came around, my friend and I went to eat. His mother had made us a casserole, but little did I know, the main ingredient was potatoes. We ate dinner, then went and played until we went to bed.

At around midnight, I woke up with my mouth full of bleeding blisters. I ran to the toilet and started violently throwing up. Let me tell you, stomach acid does not feel good on open blisters.

I was crying on the floor, blood and puke leaking from my mouth, when my friend’s mother walked into the bathroom.

Friend’s Mother: “You need to stop being so dramatic if you want to go anywhere in life! Allergies aren’t real unless you let them be.”

Just a reminder, she was saying this to a crying eight-year-old child who was dry-heaving over the toilet, bleeding from the mouth.

She went back to bed, leaving me in the bathroom for the rest of the night.

Morning came around and my mom came to pick me up. Through my blistered mouth, I told her what happened. She went ballistic and told me to go to the car. I could hear her screaming at the other mother from outside.

Sufficient to say, that was the last time I ever hung out with my friend at his house.

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