This Place Is A Train Wreck

| Working | February 11, 2014

(My mother and grandmother are taking my younger brother and our cousin (who are about three months apart in age, and are both about four years old) out to see a one-off ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ special film, that was only showing for one morning on a Saturday. We’ve known this cinema to have sub-par standards before, but we keep coming back because it’s 20 percent cheaper than any of the others in the area. The film turns out to be extremely popular, to the point where there is only one cashier running the tickets and refreshments while her manager looks on at the queue which now contains over 150 parents and children. Despite turning up early, we only get our tickets about five minutes after the ‘start’ time for the film, but we aren’t too worried as there’s usually about 30 minutes of adverts and trailers. When we get into the cinema however, we find that the film has already started, and has been going on for over 10 minutes. We head back out to talk to the manager, also noting that the line is still continuing to grow.)

Mum: “Excuse me. Are you the manager?”

Manager: “Yes, I am. Is there a problem?”

Mum: “I was just wondering if you could stop and rewind the Thomas The Tank Engine film that’s playing. It seems to have started early, and there’s an awful lot of parents and kids here who aren’t going to get in until it’s nearly halfway through.”

Manager: “Oh, sorry. I can’t do that. It’s on a timer.”

Mum: “So, you aren’t even going to inform people that their film has already started, and they are going to miss most of it? Adding to that, why is there nobody else on the tills? That poor girl has been working non stop by herself while you stand and watch!”

Manager: “It’s not my problem.”

Mum: “Right. Well, in that case I’m going to make it your problem.”

(My mum clears her throat and announces to the 100+ parents in the queue:)

Mum: “Excuse me, ladies and gents, but in case you were here to see the Thomas The Tank Engine film, I’m afraid it’s already started and is 15 minutes in now, and they apparently can’t pause or rewind it!”

(At this point the line almost erupts into a small riot as people shout complaints at the manager. He couldn’t hand out free tickets fast enough!)

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