This Pizza Is Worth The Wait

, , , , , | Working | October 14, 2020

I am out for a walk in my neighborhood, rolling my eyes at all the cars blazing past well over the speed limit. I notice one car going a sane speed, and it happens to have a pizza delivery magnet on the top. I call the store.

Worker: “[Pizza Place], is this for carryout or delivery?”

Me: “Neither, I just wanted to compliment a driver. Is there a manager I can talk to for a moment?”

Worker: *To the manager* “She wants to talk to you; says it’s a compliment for a driver.”

Manager: *To the worker* “Ugh, another— Wait, what? Compliment? Are you sure?”

Worker: *To the manager* “That’s what she told me. Here, she wants to talk to you.”

Manager: *To me, a little hesitantly* “Hello, you wanted a manager?”

Me: “Just wanted to tell you your delivery driver in [make and model of car] is doing a great job observing the speed limit. None of the other drivers are.”

Manager: “Wow, no one ever calls except to order or complain. I’ll let the driver know, thanks!”

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