This Owner Is Barking (Mad)

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I’m walking my large dog who is generally quiet and a bit shy by nature. We’re approaching a woman who’s walking an itsy-bitsy toy-breed dog a little way down the path.

Me: “Hello! Nice day for a walk!” 

My dog wags his tail gently in a polite silent greeting, while the teeny dog instantly goes into full demon mode, snarling, jumping, pulling on the leash like mad, and barking as loud as his tiny lungs can muster. He barks in a funny succession of four loud, quick barks at a time.

Dog: “Yap yap yap YAP! Yap yap yap YAP!”

The woman yells quickly and sharply at her dog.

Woman: “You must be quiet! Why do you do this?! You are too loud! Stop that right now! You’re a bad dog! Calm down right now!”

Then, she turns to me.

Woman: “I’m so sorry. I just don’t know why he does this!”

I just shrugged and my dog and I went on our way. I wonder if that woman will ever realize that her dog is just doing exactly what she did?

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