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This Mother Makes Margaret White Look Warm

, , , , , | Legal | February 21, 2020


(I’m just about to close our store. It’s in the middle of winter and I see a woman with a child in a thin sundress and tights walking past the storefront. Our last customer, a police officer, walks up to them.)

Policeman: “Excuse me. You should really get your daughter a coat and gloves. It’s freezing outside and she looks like she’s very cold.”

Woman: “That’s none of your business. Besides, kids don’t feel temperature like normal people do.”

Policeman: “Normal people? I don’t think–”

Woman: “They don’t feel the cold as we do. Anyway, she’s always complaining, so I just stopped caring.”

Policeman: “Maybe she’s complaining because she’s freezing? Look, her fingers are as red as–”

Woman: “No, no, no! She faking this! Kids do everything for attention! Just ignore her!”

Daughter: “Mommy, I’m really cold.”


Policeman: Look! I don’t normally interfere with people’s parenting but this is clearly bad for the girl’s health.”

Woman: *shrugs*

(The next time I stepped outside, I saw her surrounded by four cops who loaded her into a police van.)

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