This Might End Up Being A Problem

| Burlington, ON, Canada | Learning | January 12, 2015

(Our grade 10 science teacher is only 26 years old at the time, and sometimes acts rather endearingly childish compared to other, older teachers. He gets very excited that the classrooms are going to get interactive whiteboards installed. His first day getting to use it, he gets a little… over-enthusiastic.)

Teacher: *scribbling all over the board* “I feel like a magician!”

(Later, he’s crudely drawing out a very basic physics problem involving a rock dropped down a well — for no real reason than simply because he can — and decides to have some fun with it.)

Teacher: *drawing a stick figure at the bottom of the well* “[Student] is at the bottom of the well. And he’s about to get smoked by the rock.” *drawing a bunch of red over the stick figure* “So now… [Student]… is… dead.”

(He pauses to admire his handiwork.)

Teacher: “Okay, next problem!”

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