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This Lady Does NOT Crank My Tractor

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I am in the grocery store buying milk and cereal for tomorrow morning. This lady comes out of nowhere and says, “Excuse me, you should leave the milk for the people who actually need it.”

I look at her funny because there are three full refrigerated cases of milk in the milk aisle, and does she expect me to eat my cereal dry? I tell her about all the other milk available and go along with my business. 

I check out, load all my groceries in the car, get in, plug my phone in, crack the windows open, turn my music on, and go through my shopping list to make sure I have everything

The lady comes up to me again and knocks on my window! She goes, “Can you turn your hillbilly music off? You’re going to turn my kids into rednecks.” 

I’m pissed, because I’m listening to my favorite artist, Dustin Lynch, who doesn’t have a very heavy accent and isn’t heavy country. I am also in my own car, minding my own business. I pull up my most Honky-Tonk, twangy country song and put it on full blast for her and her crotch goblins to hear. 

Then, she sees me again in the street and puts her full body weight on the horn as she passes me.

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