This Kindness Is Fully Baked

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My family goes to an Indian restaurant quite often that has a window into the kitchen. I always ask my parents to get the table by that window because I love watching the cooks. One Sunday, a chef notices me watching and comes out to the tale. I’m probably around ten or eleven.

Chef: “Excuse me, miss. Would you like to come into the kitchen and see how we make naan?”

I stare at him in surprise for a moment before looking to my parents for permission. 

Mom: “Go ahead!”

Me: “Thank you so much!”

He leads me back into the kitchen to the oven.

Chef: “Here is the brick oven we use to make our naan. We roll out the dough here, put on the flour and spices, and stick it to the wall.”

He continued to show me exactly how they made the naan. He even let me put some of the naan in the oven — with gloves on, of course! I was very thankful for the experience. He was so nice to me, and it was a really fun experience. He just happened to see me watching and let me come see how it’s really done! It made me one happy kid who now loves baking.

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