This Job Is A Dump

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(The convenience store where I have been working for about a year and a half is sold and the new owner decides to keep me for my regular opening shift. I am glad to have new bosses because the last boss/owner was hard to work for and one of the other employees never did anything because she was friends with the owners. This story happens about two weeks after the new bosses take over.)

Boss: “Somebody has been bringing all their garbage and throwing it in our dumpster after we close. Let’s go out here and go through the bags and see if we can find some mail or something with their name on it.”

Me: “Okay, do we have any gloves?”

Boss: “No, just wash your hands when we’re done.”

(We go to the dumpster and open several bags, going through them and getting really nasty and wet doing it. Finally, after about twenty minutes of searching, we get a clue.)

Me: “Here’s an empty cigarette carton.”

(It’s a brand that we only sell to one customer. She’s in once a week to get two cartons of those cigarettes.)

Me: “It has to be her. Nobody else buys these.”

Boss: “Maybe, but just to be sure, keep looking.”

(We dig through bags for about ten more minutes when my boss finds something.)

Boss: “Here it is. It’s [Regular Customer] mail with her name on it.”

Me: “Good, are we done? Her brand of cigarettes and her mail. Are you going to tell her to stop?”

Boss: “No, better not. She spends a lot of money here. I’ll figure out something.”

(After all of the crap we went through and as dirty as we got, then he decided to let it go. After three more weeks of her filling our dumpster, he finally got a lock and that solved the problem. I worked for him for another year before I finally quit.)

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