This Job Can Take Years Off Your Life

| Working | June 6, 2013

(I am an EMS provider and bringing in a patient to the ER. Most ERs in the Bay Area require registration paperwork to be submitted before a patient gets a room (unless code 3). We come in with a patient that is acting altered slightly and has a low oxygen saturation.)

Registration Clerk: “What’s the birth date of the patient?”

EMT: “1/5/1919.”

Registration Clerk: “19 what?”

EMT: “19…”

Registration Clerk: “19 WHAT?!”

EMT: “19. 1919. ”

Registration Clerk: “That does not make any sense, 19 what? 1990, 1985… 19 what?”

(The EMT looks at the patient, who is in their 90s.)

EMT: “I doubt it was the 1990s. Like I said 19… 19…”

Registration Clerk: “19 WHAT?!”


Registration Clerk: “Ohhhh.”

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