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This Is Why You Don’t Start A Relationship With Beer-Goggles

, , , , , , | Romantic | September 9, 2022

A customer comes up to my till with a few items including a six-pack of beer. As I am about to scan it:

Customer: “Actually, I need to drink less. Can I put that to the side?”

Me: “Sure!”

I put the beer aside and continue scanning. A woman comes up to join him and is staring daggers at me.

Female Customer: “What did you say to him?!”

Me: “Pardon me, ma’am?”

Female Customer: “Stop talking to my man! You can’t have him!” *Turns to him* “What did she say to you?! Was she trying to get your number?!”

Customer: “Uh, no. I was just getting her to put aside the beers.”

She stares at him and then at me. I hold up the beers to prove his story.

Female Customer: “So, you’re giving other women drinks now?! Don’t come home tonight.”

And with that, she storms out. The customer is left behind with the face of a man who has seen this kind of scene play out a few times before.

Customer: “Let me get those beers after all. If I’m going to be in the doghouse tonight, at least I won’t be sober!”

Question of the Week

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