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Some People Should Not Be Allowed Loans

, , , , | Working | January 27, 2021

I work for a public agency that gives its staff loans to buy bikes, which they pay back in monthly installments from their pay. This is usually a fairly straightforward process.

Me: “Good morning, Human Resources office. How can I help?”

Employee: “Did you just take a loan repayment thingy from my account?!”

Me: “Yes. I can see that, as you received your loan two weeks ago, your first repayment has been deducted from your account. We sent you a letter to notify you of this at the time.”

Employee: “But this is outrageous! I haven’t bought the bike yet!”

Me: “I am sorry, but we are not informed when you use the loan, only when you receive it. The repayment period begins once we are notified that the loan has been paid to you.”

Employee: “That’s ridiculous! Why should I pay for a bike I don’t have yet?”

Me: “Because you have received £1000 and it needs to be repaid.”

Employee: “I can’t afford to be paying £83 for a bike I don’t even have yet!”

Me: “I am sorry to hear that; however, you placed the order for this bike loan two months ago. You have had some time to budget for it.”

Employee: “I am very disappointed with this level of service! I demand that you cancel the repayments right now!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Employee: “In that case, I demand to speak to your manager!”

I am aware that my manager is in a toweringly bad mood this morning.

Me: “All right. I’ll see if she’s free.”

She was. I never heard back from the employee again.

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