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This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 87

, , | Right | July 23, 2019

(We are having issues with Visa payments being processed incorrectly, so we have removed the option from our checkout, with a nice, red, un-missable warning advising customers that we can not currently take Visa payments.)

Customer: “I’m on your website now, but I am having trouble getting your website to accept my card. I saw the warning about not being able to use Visa, so I chose MasterCard, instead. But whenever I try putting my card details in, it says that the card number is invalid. So, I tried doing the same for American Express and the same thing happened.”

Me: “You had the same error multiple times on both card types?”

Customer: “Yes, no matter what option I chose, it won’t accept my Visa card as a valid card.”

Me: “So, you selected MasterCard and American Express, but entered your Visa card details instead?”

Customer: “Yes, that is what I just told you. Now, why the h*** isn’t it working?”

Me: “Because if you chose MasterCard as the payment type, it will only accept MasterCards. The same goes for when you choose American Express.”

Customer: “I couldn’t be expected to know that. So, how do I use my Visa card?”

Me: “You mentioned at the start of the call that you noticed a warning message; could you please read the warning message again and let me know what it says?”

Customer: “We are currently unable to process any payments by Visa card due to a technical issue. Please…” *click*

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