This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 81

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(I am waiting to be served in a department store and there is an elderly gentleman at the counter in front of me. It quickly becomes obvious he is having a store card problem.)

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but we don’t deal with the card in store; it is all dealt with by [Credit Company], so I’m afraid I can’t help you. You need to call them directly, sorry.”

Customer: “But I paid it off in full, and I have now received a letter telling me the minimum payment is overdue and they will be passing my details on to debt collecting agency if I don’t pay it in seven days.”

Assistant #1: “I understand your frustration, sir, but as I said, you need to call them directly.”

Customer: “Why won’t you call them for me and talk to them?”

Assistant #1: “Because it is your account and they won’t talk to me.”

Customer: “It’s not my account; it belongs to my lady friend.”

Assistant #1: “Then she needs to call them and give them permission to talk to you.”

Customer: “So, you can call them and I can give you permission?”

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but the lady in question is the only one that can give the permission to them.”

Customer: “That’s why I want to speak to a manager; they can do this for me.”

Assistant #1: “I’m afraid she isn’t in today, as I have already explained, and she would tell you exactly the same information as I have.”

Customer: “But this is ridiculous. You should be able to help me.”

Assistant #1: “I’m sorry, but the card is provided by a third party; therefore, there is nothing I can do except advise your friend to contact the company via the number in the letter.”

(It is obvious that this is going to go on for a while longer and I seek out another till to pay at. The poor woman is being constantly polite, but I can sense her growing frustration at him not listening to her. I pay for my goods and then explain to the assistant what is taking place at the other till point.)

Assistant #2: “Should I go over and offer assistance?”

Me: “She is handling it well, but I work in retail, and I think she may be now fighting the urge to slap him.”

Assistant #2: *laughs* “I’ll go over and check in a few minutes that she is okay, and offer my assistance if she needs it.”

(I thanked her and went on my way. Some people really don’t listen to a word you say; I believe they think we say things like this to make our jobs harder so as to not help them!)

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