This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 3

| Working | April 20, 2016

Me: “Hello, [Company]. How can I help?”

Employee: “Hi, [My Name], it’s [Employee]. I’ve not been paid today.”

Me: “Well, I know I processed them all personally yesterday but let me check that.”

(I check the payroll system and bank. It’s definitely gone through to the same account we’ve paid him into for the last few months he’s worked for us.)

Me: “I’ve looked on our systems and everything seems to have gone through as normal. Are you sure nothing has gone out at your end that you’ve not known about?”

Employee: “No, I’ve checked and I’ve not been paid today.”

Me: “It’s all gone through here and I’ve not had anyone else ring in to say they’ve not been paid. Have you printed off a mini statement at the cash point to make sure the payment isn’t on there?”

Employee: “Well, I don’t need to. I’ve had my full statement come in the post this morning and today’s pay isn’t on there.”

Me: “You’re looking at a statement you got in the post today?”

Employee: “Yes.”

Me: “For a payment that went in your bank today?”

Employee: “Yes.”


Me: “I’m sorry, [Employee], I’m sure that’s not how bank statements work when you get them in the post. It definitely won’t have today’s transactions on it and probably not even yesterday’s either. It should tell you somewhere on there what date your statement runs to and from.”

Employee: “Ah… right… no. You’re right. It doesn’t, does it?”

Me: “Nope.”

Employee: “Of course not. Sorry about that.”

Me: “No problem. Let me know if it hasn’t gone in when you check today’s transactions. Bye!”

(I didn’t hear from him that day so I’m guessing he found out that he had in fact been paid that day! He wasn’t in the slightest bit angry with me on the phone; he just wanted his pay to go in the bank. It did make me question the type of people we employ!)


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