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This Is Why We’re In A Recession, Part 112

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I’m working at an outsourced call center for a popular credit card. It’s an inbound “sales” role, where we basically just take card applications over the phone. We have the goal of a 73%-ish “conversion” rate, meaning that at least that percentage of people apply with us over the phone as opposed to on the direct company or third-party website. It’s a ridiculous goal, as nobody wants to sit through ten to fifteen minutes of someone reading disclosures to you, but that’s neither here nor there.

I start my opening spiel.

Prospect: “Yeah, I want a card.”

Me: “Okay, great. I’m happy to help out with that. Did you already have a specific card in mind?”

Prospect: “Yeah, the [Company] card.”

Me: “We actually have several different cards to suit different lifestyles; there isn’t just one card called the [Company] card. Did you know which specific card you wanted? Or we can figure out which card would be best for you.”

Prospect: “You stupid or something? I said I want a [Company] card.”

I pause a moment to not tell the customer exactly what they can do with their attitude.

Me: “As I said, there are several [Company] cards: some that focus on everyday spending, some that focus on travel, and even some that focus on rewards at specific hotels or airlines. It sounds like maybe you’ve gotten some misinformation, so let me sta—”

Prospect: “Listen, I know how this works. I say I want a card and you send me a card. It’s that simple. I want a [Company] card. Send me one.”

Me: “That is… not how that works. We need to first figure out which card you want to apply for…”

Prospect: “Apply? I’m not applying for anything. Just send me a f****** card!”

At this point, I drop my customer service persona and go right into facts-don’t-care-about-your-feelings mode.

Me: “Look, if you’re not willing to keep this civil or work with me on the best card for you, I will happily hang up this line.”

Prospect: *Suddenly shouting* “I just want a f****** card! How hard is this for you?! I’m in Las Vegas. I need a new card. Send me one!”

Me: “You have given me no information, don’t know what card you want, aren’t willing to work with me, and expect us to just give you a new card and credit line because you want one?”

Prospect: “Yes! Exactly!”

Me: “That is literally not how any of this works. Step one. We figure out which card works for you. Step two, I read you the disclosures. Step three, you apply for the card. Step four, we get a decision. Now, I’m more than willing to get this done for you, but we will go through the necessary steps.”

Prospect: “I ain’t going through all that! I say I want a card and you send me a card! I know that’s how this works! If you’re too f****** stupid to understand that, get me a manager!”

Me: “I absolutely will not. They will have the exact same information and expectations. You can work with me, or we can end this call. That choice is on you.”

Prospect: “F*** you!”

Me: “I’ll be disconnecting this call now. Have a lovely day.”

Thankfully, I left that Hellish environment a few months later and am MUCH happier being treated like an adult at my new company.

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