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This Is Why Pets Are Better Than People

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When my sibling was sixteen, they adopted the sweetest white kitten. Unfortunately, two years after that, they got very interested in witchcraft and decided only a black cat would do. Rather than see him taken to the pound, I adopted him, and he’s an adorable love bug.

An important piece of information for this story is that my sibling generally wears hoodies with thumb holes cut in them so their hands are covered up to the fingers.

My sibling came home for a visit and tried to go over to pet the cat. Surprisingly, he hissed at them, which he never does to anyone, not even the vet.

Sibling: *Swats cat* “Well, f*** you, too.”

I picked up the cat to remove him from the situation.

Me: “I’m really sorry.”

Sibling: “I told you he should have gone to the pound.”

Me: “Honestly, this is the first time he’s ever done that. He’s normally very calm.”

Sibling: “When I had him, he was always doing this stuff.”

Now, this is an absolute lie. He, of course, had the standard kitten zoomies and the “look, I have teefies” bite testing phase, but no more so than any cat.

My sibling continued to be very hostile to him throughout their visit, which he mostly spent hiding out in my closet. 

But a few days after they left, [Sibling] posted an image of a bite mark on their Facebook page, claiming he was responsible. I, of course, contacted them to assure them he was fully vaccinated and to ask why they had never told me he bit them.

Sibling: “You need to send him to the pound. He’s vicious.”

Me: “He’s never bitten anyone before. I don’t know what happened. If your insurance won’t cover it, I’ll pay for everything.”

Sibling: “He should really put down. He’s vicious.”

Quite disheartened, I prepared to take my kitty to the vet just to be sure he wasn’t getting sick or something that might have caused him to bite. 

Then, my best friend pointed something out. On my sibling’s Facebook page was a picture of them at the train station getting ready to leave to visit us. They were making a devil horns pose, with the backs of both hands showing, and on one hand WAS THE BITE MARK.

To say I was angry was an understatement. I called them up to tell them that I knew full well they’d been bitten prior to seeing my kitty. 

Me: “Why would you even imply that he bit you when you already had the bite?”

Sibling: “What are you talking about?”

Me: “[Friend] saw your post at the station. You were bitten before you came to visit.”

Sibling: “He did not. I was not.”

Sure enough, the post quickly vanished. But my bestie is smart enough to have screenshotted it once he figured it out.

My sibling tried to send me a request for a doctor’s bill. I sent them back the screenshot of that post.

To this day, I don’t know what they have against my kitty. I do not believe they did anything negative to cause him to hiss at them, but I do believe they saw that and instantly were trying to get something out of it.

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