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This Is What You Get For Moving!

, , , , | Working | October 6, 2020

After a long search, I finally buy a home. As one of the first things a responsible owner should do, I update all my addresses with utilities, bills, and my vehicle registration. The DMV has an online form so I fill it out and send it. I get an auto-confirmation that everything is good and I think nothing more of it. My vehicle renews every October.

The registration never arrives. Thinking something has gone wrong, I go to my insurance which happens to have some DMV functions. The clerk advises that no address change was made and fixes it on her computer, and I pay my fees.

One year later, no registration. I call the DMV and the clerk on the phone repeats my correct address. Now I’m confused that I never got my registration and yet my address is correct. The DMV clerk offers no advice other than that it was likely a glitch. I go back to my insurance to pay fees and the clerk confirms everything is fine address-wise.

About half a year later, it’s time for my driver’s license renewal. Figuring that there’s no way I’m getting that by mail, I make a DMV appointment. One week before the appointment, the renewal arrives! Overjoyed, I cancel the appointment thinking this is all behind me.

A few months later… no vehicle renewal. And thanks to California law, this is the year I need my vehicle SMOG check done; for those unfamiliar, this is a vehicle emissions check. Luckily, they use the vehicle’s VIN but I can’t believe it.

I ask this DMV clerk about this. She says the address was never updated. Huh? So, my online update through your online system didn’t work, the update through my insurance carrier didn’t work, a DMV clerk confirmed my correct address, but no, my address is still incorrect. She tells me to mail it in.

Well, I’m off to get my SMOG check and God only knows what year four will bring!

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