This Is Preschool, Not Princess School

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I’m an assistant at a preschool. At the beginning of the school year we send a form home with all our families asking about the attending child’s favourite things — songs, foods, games, and so on — so we can make our classes more comfortable for the kids. These are phrased as, “My child’s favourite songs are…” “My child’s favourite games to play are…” and so on.

We received a form back that had every single, “My child,” crossed out, with the child’s name written over the top. The final question, “When my child is upset, they are comforted by…” was answered with, “By being RESPECTED as an INDIVIDUAL. She is not a ‘they,’ she is a ‘she,’ and she has a NAME. She is not ‘my child.’ She is not property. She is her own individual person.”

The child was withdrawn from the center after seven very long weeks of the parent showing up at random times to collect her, the parent coming in to drop off hot chocolate at lunch for her on several occasions, and a written complaint about how her daughter’s handprint “leaf” was positioned on the “class tree” display. (It was not on the top branch.)

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