This Is My Body, Broken For Cat

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I am a minister in a church. It is the weekend of Easter 2020. We have had country-wide lockdowns for the past month or so. It is also clear that we won’t be celebrating Holy Week services in the church. Our national office has decided that we are allowed to give communion online, as long as, one, someone who is allowed to consecrate the elements does so, and two, it is live, i.e. not a pre-recorded service.

We decide to give it a go that week and see what happens. I make a small spread of bread and crackers and pour wine in a tiny brandy snifter, and we are ready to go.

All is well until I am about to start the consecration when a chat bubble comes up on Zoom. 

Congregation Member: “Rev., I think the cat wants communion, too.”

Turns out, my cat had been nibbling on the communion bagel for ten minutes and everyone was wondering when I would notice. From now on, I give her some treats during communion to keep her and my congregation content.

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