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This Is How You Remind Me I Am An Idiot

| Romantic | March 28, 2012

( I get very anxious when meeting new people and I try to cover it up with humour . I have finished making an idiot of myself in front of my girlfriend’s highly conservative grandparents by saying ‘I’m a gay sea otter; I blow other dudes out of the water’ when asked what I do for a living. I also really dislike ‘Nickelback’.)

Me: “Okay. To make it up to you, we can do whatever you want on your birthday, and you have full reign of me for the day.”

Girlfriend: “I want to go to a Nickelback concert.”

Me: “Are you sure? I mean, we could—”

Girlfriend: “You told my grandparents you blew other dudes for a living.”

Me:Nickelback it is.”

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