This Is About To Become A No-Show S***-Show

, , | Right | July 23, 2020

A man comes in the early morning, around 9:00 am.

Guest: “I’d like to check in.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but check-in time is not until 2:00 pm.”

Guest: “You don’t understand. I want to check in now.”

Me: “Do you have a reservation?”

Guest: “Of course, I do.”

I look for the man’s reservation and it turns out his arrival date was yesterday.

Me: “Sir, you’re supposed to have arrived yesterday.”

Guest: “So what? I had a reservation!”

Me: “So, that means if you don’t arrive on the day you’re expected to, your reservation turns into a no show, which means that it is freed for someone else to have, which is what has happened.”

Guest: *Interrupts* “This is ridiculous! None of that was explained to me! Look, I am tired, and I want my room!”

We were sold out and didn’t have any rooms, so I helped the man to find another hotel in the area. His way of thanking us? Throwing a fit and storming out!

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