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This Is A Treat For Everyone!

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I manage a financial department, and I recently promised my team that if they exceeded their collections goal, the company would treat them to a very upscale Italian restaurant that we all love. They exceed the goal by a lot — good for them! — so I make a reservation for the sixteen of us.

The day of our outing, we are seated right away and the server takes our drink order.

Server: “I’m so sorry, but the person who was supposed to be helping me didn’t show up, so I’ll have to handle your party, plus my regular station, on my own. Will you be paying together or on separate checks?”

She looks visibly relieved when I tell her that I will be paying for everything on one check.

Our ordering is a little chaotic. People will give their orders and then hear someone else order something that sounds better, so they’ll ask to change their orders. There is also a lot of, “I’ll split mine with you if you’ll split yours with me,” going on.

We are busy having fun and conversation, so none of us mind that the drink refills, appetizers, entrees, and desserts are a little slow. The food is delicious and we enjoy it very much. It comes time for the bill and, as was explained to me when I made the reservation, the restaurant has added an 18% gratuity to the bill. The bill comes to about $650 before the 18% tip and I give her my credit card.

She returns with my receipt and thanks us and apologizes that our service was a little slow. We tell her everything was perfect and thank her for working so hard. She has been so nice to us and so accommodating and so patient that I leave an additional $150 cash tip in the receipt folder and we head out to the parking lot.

All of a sudden, the waitress comes running out of the restaurant and grabs my arm. I’m thinking I forgot to sign the receipt or something when I notice she has tears in her eyes. She thanks me profusely for the tip and says she really didn’t expect it; she’s had a tough time lately and the tip will really help her out. This was a nice pat on the back for me and a real heartwarmer for all of us.

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