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This Is A Sign That You Need A New Strategy

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I used to work at a regional fast food restaurant at the intersection of a very busy road and a side street with a church that couldn’t be seen from the busy road.

The church started to put up signs on our restaurant’s lot to try to direct people to them. When they did, the manager would have someone run out and throw the sign away. A few days later, the church would put up another sign advertising themselves, and again, the manager would have it taken down.

This happened a few more times, with the church’s signs getting bigger, until one day when we got a call.

Manager: “Hello, this is [Restaurant], [Manager] speaking.”


Manager: “Oh, those signs? I threw them away.”


Manager: “No. that belongs to [Restaurant]; it’s not public property.”


Manager: “No, I talked with the owner. He did not give permission for those signs to be there. He told us to get rid of them if they appear.”


Manager: “That’s your problem. You’ll have to find another way to attract people because the owner does not want any religious advertising on the property, and he does not want anyone to put signs there without going through him first.”

After that, the place no longer had any issues with unwanted signage.

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