This Is A Painful Exchange

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(We have a coworker who, I think, worries a lot about how she measures up to the rest of the team, or at least is always acting like she knows exactly what’s going on in any situation. Even when she wouldn’t be expected to or have any reason to, she still says she knows what she’s doing, until she invariably fails.)

Customer: “I’d like to exchange these shorts for a new pair; they have a hole.”

Coworker: “Okay, sure.” *to me* “Hey, [My Name], can I just ring this up as an exchange?”

Me: “Yes. It’s an exchange. Do you know how to damage the product out and remove it from the inventory?”

Coworker: “Yes.” *scoffs* “I know how to do it.”

(I watch her start to ring up a basic return, which is different than starting an exchange.)

Me: “Oh, no, you’ll have to scan the new pair in first before returning the old pair.” 

Coworker: “Okay, I got it. I can do it.”

(I watch her do the same thing again, still wrong.)

Me: “You’re still hitting the wrong button.” 

(I reach across and cancel the transaction.)

Coworker: “I got it; I know what I’m doing.”

(I watch her start up a transaction again and go to hit the same wrong button, again. I stop her.)

Me: “No, here, scan the new item in first, and then hit this button here, instead.” *does it for her*

Coworker: “I can do it myself, thank you.”

Me: “Okay.”

(I go back to what I was doing, keeping an eye on her. She figures out the rest until the computer asks her for the reason for the exchange.)

Coworker: “Hey, [My Name], which one do I pick to say it’s damaged and remove it from the inventory?”

Me: *sigh* “That one.”

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