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This Is A Downward Spiral

, , , , | Right | October 6, 2021

We sell industrial supplies. I’m female, which makes you really unknowledgeable in some customers’ eyes.

Caller: “I was looking for a 1/2″ reamer… Oh, shoot! I forgot to write down your part number. I only have that description.”

Me: “That’s all right. I can look it up from your description. Spiral or straight flute?”

Caller: *Talking over me* “Hold on, let me see if I can find it.”

Me: “Not to worry. I have our reamers pulled up. Did you need a spiral or straight flute?”

Caller: “Sorry, darling, don’t you worry. It’ll be just a minute.”

I speak a little louder, as I think maybe he didn’t hear me.

Me: “Did you need a spiral or straight flute?”

Caller: *Irritated* “Listen here, little missy. I said what I needed was a—” *drags it out slowly* “—reeaaamerrrrr.”

Me: *In my sweetest, iciest voice* “Yes, and I was asking if you needed a spiral or straight flute for that 1/2″ reamer.”

The caller is silent for a moment and then says, meekly:

Caller: “Spiral flute.”

Me: “High-speed steel okay?”

Caller: *Still meekly* “Yes.”

Me: “That’ll be [price].”