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This Is A Bigotry-Free Zone

, , , , , | Romantic | February 14, 2022

I happened to witness this exchange from a seat fairly close to the entrance of a restaurant. Several of the employees are wearing rainbow pins somewhere on their person, including an employee having a conversation at the front counter with a man in a suit.

A man and a woman step into the restaurant. The man sees the gay employee’s pin, looks around the restaurant, and then turns to the suited man, who speaks up before the newcomer can say a word.

Worker: “If you say a single word against my employees, I will bodily throw you from the restaurant.”

The newcomer stutters for a moment, turns around in a huff, and marches out of the restaurant. The woman looks between him and the man in a suit for a moment before approaching the counter.

Woman: “Well, that was the shortest first date I’ve ever been on. Table for one, please.”

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