This Instructor Is On A Slippery Slope

, , | Learning | August 14, 2013

(I’m about eight years old. Our class is skiing down the slope in a single file line. I’m second from last. Suddenly, I fall down and lose my skis. The girl behind me stops to help me. By the time I have my skis back on, she notices that something’s wrong.)

Girl: “Uh, where is the class?”

(Sure enough, our instructor and classmates are gone!)

Me: “They must have gone on ahead. We’ll go down to the next lift; they’ll probably be waiting for us there.”

Girl: “Okay…”

(We ski down to the lift. However, our class isn’t there.)

Girl: *clearly worried* “What do we do now?”

Me: “We’ll go to back to the lodge. Don’t worry; I know the way down.”

(I get us down. Upon returning to the lodge, I am confronted by my instructor.)

Instructor: “What are you doing here?”

Me: “I fell, you left us behind, so I came down on my own.”

Instructor: “You should have stayed where you were, and waited for me to return!”

(My mom—herself a ski instructor—shows up.)

My Mom: “And YOU should have done a better job of looking after your students! You didn’t even notice that two of them were missing!”

(My mom turns to me.)

My Mom: “You did the right thing.”

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