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This Idea Is All Bad

| Learning | November 18, 2013

(I am in an all-female jazz choir, and we’re singing a particularly sappy love song. Our teacher cuts us off, and starts ragging on us for sounding emotionless.)

Teacher: “Come on! Picture your favourite guy in the whole world, and pretend you’re singing to him. I know you all have crushes, and if you don’t sing this well enough, I’m going to make you admit them to me.”

(There are nervous giggles amongst the choir members, but we agree to this.)

Teacher: “Once more, from the top!”

(We start singing, and she leaves us to sing alone as she disappears into her office. Partway through the song, she comes back with a piece of paper and pins it on the board.)

Teacher: “SING TO HIM!”

(She had printed out a picture of Justin Bieber. We had to stop the song because we all collapsed with laughter!)

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