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This Housemate Has Outstayed Her Welcome

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A friend of mine rents a room in a larger rented house. While nice and pretty new, her room is very bare, no shelves, coat hooks, picture hooks, etc.

She has gotten permission from the landlord and bought all the hardware, but with no tools or experience, she has asked me to lend a hand in return for a couple of cases of beer, and I’m more than happy to help.

I’m just finishing when one of her housemates arrives. My friend sees who it is and rushes off.

When she comes back, she looks frustrated.

Friend: “Sorry, she can be a right pain; any little thing sets her off. I even warned her you were going to be here. She is already moaning about your car.”

Me: “I’m parked in the visitors’ space, though.”

Friend: “Yeah, I know, she just likes to moan.” *Pauses* “This is looking good.”

Me: “Yeah, just need to fill them all up.”

We start hanging coats and boxing all the odds and ends. When we finish, it immediately looks better — more homely and tidy. My friend is thrilled. 

But it doesn’t last long. Her housemate knocks on the door.

Housemate: “Are you going to be much longer?! I have a migraine!”

Friend: “We were just talking. I don’t think we were making any noise? But yeah, we’re done now.”

Her housemate looks at the room, sneering.

Housemate: “The kitchen door needs fixing next.”

Friend: *To me* “Sorry, do you mind?”

Me: “No worries, as long as you’re putting the kettle on.”

The door turns out to just need a little oil. We have a coffee and chat some more. Her housemate turns up again.

Housemate: “Can he put up some shelves in my room next?”

Friend: “You would have to ask him, but I doubt it.”

Me: *Sighing* “Do you have the shelf? It might only be a two-minute job.”

Housemate: “Don’t you provide that?”

Me: “No, I’m not going to get the shelf for you. You would have to buy that first.”

Housemate: “I have to buy it?! What’s the point, then?”

She stormed off and actually slammed her bedroom door. My friend explained that she is a trustee fund “kid” and the house share was supposed to teach her some responsibility and humanity. It doesn’t seem to be working.

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