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This Has Entitlement Fingerprints All Over It

, , , | Right | July 21, 2022

At my store, we work with a national company to process fingerprints for background checks that a lot of jobs require. We have to verify the identity of the person with two different sets of ID. One must be a government-issued photo ID — a driver’s license or passport will do — and the other can be a credit card or several other non-photo IDs. All appointments are done online through the national company. I get an emailed list for them. We don’t set up appointments or have anything to do with them. We just verify identity and take the fingerprints to be sent in.

A man and a woman come in with a child. Neither speaks English, so I have to figure out that the woman is here for fingerprinting. It’s common for people to have another person with them, so I figure that the man is her husband who is watching the kid. Everything is done and they leave.

About two minutes later, they come back in, and the woman is holding her cell phone out toward me. It’s on speaker, and the person on the other end talks to me.

Caller: “I’m the one who set up the appointments. Why did you only do one of them?”

Me: “Only one person presented IDs and showed up with an appointment number. We can do the other person no problem; I just need to get his IDs.”

Caller: “He only has one ID on his phone. You can use that.”

Me: “No, we can’t. It has to be a physical ID issued by either the state or federal government with a photo for the main one, and the other one can be a credit card since most people have one of those.”

Caller: “He doesn’t have any other IDs, just the one on his phone. You will use that one.”

Me: “No, I won’t. A digital file can be easily photoshopped. We have to have a physical ID. No copies, no photos, or any other facsimile. Physical ID only.”

Caller: *In a very condescending tone* “I will speak to a supervisor now.”

I wait for a full three seconds.

Me: “I own the place. Is that good enough for you?”

Caller: “Oh.” *Pauses for several seconds* “Can we make an exception?”

Me: “If you want an exception to federal regulation, you’ll need to talk to your senator. I’m not risking jail time for you.”

They left without the second set of fingerprints. I mean, really, does someone actually think I’ll ignore the law like that to satisfy their entitled attitude?

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