This Happens Soda-mn Much

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(I notice a couple with water cups lingering around the soda fountain and watching me, the manager, waiting for me to get out of sight so they can steal drinks. I recognize the younger woman because she did it before. I walk right up to them.)

Me: “Hi! Do you need help with anything?”

Younger Woman: “Where is the water?”

Me: “Right here underneath the lemonade. Just push the button.”

Younger Woman: “Oh, okay. “

Me: “If you need anything else just let me know.”

(A few minutes later, I pass near their table and see that the older woman has brown soda in her water cup, so I walk over to their table.)

Me: “How is lunch today?”

Older Woman: “It’s fine.”

Me: “Great! I have to ask, though, did you decide to get a soda instead of water?”

Older Woman: “No. What do you mean?”

Me: “I see you have a soda in your water cup. It’s fine if you want to keep it, but I have to ask you to pay for it. If you would rather have water, I can get that for you.”

(They are both silent and look at each other for about ten seconds. Then, the older woman says:)

Older Woman: “How much does a drink cost? I only got one cup.”

Me: “It’s [amount]. I can bring you the larger cup if you want.”

Older Woman: “Naw, just take it and get me a water.”

Me: “I’ll be glad to do that for you.”

(I leave her cup on the table and get another water cup and fill it. I bring it back to the table.)

Me: “Here you go.”

Younger Woman: “I can’t believe you are making a big fuss over a little drink! Her blood sugar is low! She’s sick!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry! She didn’t tell me that—”

Older Woman: “Fine! I ain’t coming back to this place! This is f****** bulls***! Y’all shouldn’t be treatin’ folks like this!”

Me: “I’m sorry you feel that way, but we can’t just let people take things without paying for them.”

(The older woman begins to cuss me out under her breath. Knowing I can’t win this or make them feel better, I say goodbye and leave their table. They get up to leave but stop at the cash register.)

Younger Woman: “Momma, just calm down. Why’re you getting so mad?!”

Older Woman: “Y’all take this, bunch of motherf*****s! F****** b****es!”

(She throws the money for her drink at the cashier and they both leave. Standing right next to them are two teenage boys with eyes wide open and mouths hanging open.)

Me: “Sorry about that, guys.”

Boy: “That’s okay. I guess someone needs to read their Bible more!”

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