This Grown-Up Needs To Grow Up

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(This story takes place when I am 10. I’m at a fast food restaurant with my grandfather. He has hearing problems and a speech impediment, so I go with him to order.)

Me: “Hi, can we get a cheeseburger meal with a—”

Cashier: “No.”

Me: “…No?”

Cashier: “I don’t have to listen to you. I only talk to adults.” *to my grandfather* “What can I get for you, sir?”

(My grandfather points to his hearing aid, shakes his head, and gestures to me.)

Me: “My grandfather has trouble hearing, so I’ll be helping.”

Cashier: “Fiiiiiine. What do YOU want then?”

Me: “We need one cheeseburger meal with a coffee, two #5 meals, one with [Soda] and one with iced tea, and a chicken nugget meal with iced tea.”

Cashier: *to my grandfather* “That will be [price].”

(As expected my grandfather couldn’t hear what she said, so he looks at me.)

Me: “She said it’ll be [price].”

Cashier: “I bet he can hear fine. You just want attention!”

(At this point, my 10-year-old self has taken as much as I can handle and I snap back.)

Me: “Unless you want me to speak to your manager, take the money, give us the food, and shut up.”

Cashier: “You can’t talk to me that way! You’re a little girl and I’m a grown-up!”

Me: “You’re being very rude and childish for a grown-up.”

(The cashier reluctantly enters our order. We finally get our food but realize there are multiple mistakes in the order. I go back to the counter with the receipt and the incorrect food.)

Me: “There were a couple mistakes with our order. I ordered two chicken burgers and one cheeseburger, but we got two cheeseburgers and one chicken burger. We’re also missing one thing of fries, and this chicken burger doesn’t have sauce on it.”

Cashier: “Not my problem. I don’t make the food.”

Me: “Can you please ask the kitchen to fix it, then?”

Cashier: “Sure, if it’ll make you shut up!”

(After finally correcting all of this I return to the table but realize I don’t have a drink.)

Me: “I paid for a drink and I didn’t get one. That is your problem since you are the one who poured the drinks. ”

Cashier: “You don’t have to be rude about it!”

Me: “Why should I be nice to you? You haven’t been nice to me at all.”

Cashier: *mock politeness* “SORRY ABOUT THE MISTAKE.”

(As I take the drink and turn to go…)

Cashier: “Stupid ungrateful little b****!”

(I spin around and glare.)

Me: “Manager. NOW!”

Cashier: “I don’t have to let you talk to my manager. You’re just a stupid kid!”

(I am angry beyond belief, but also starving. I flip the cashier off and go back to my grandparents. When we get home I tell my mother what happened. She takes me back to the restaurant and demands to speak with the manager.)

Mum: *to the manager* “My father was here earlier with my children. One of your cashiers insulted both him and my daughter… ”

(The manager takes us into his office, where I tell him what happened. Afterwards, the manager calls the cashier into the office.)

Cashier: *sees me* “You again! Why can’t you just get lost?”

Manager: “This young lady has told me about an incident that happened earlier. Would you like to explain it?”

Cashier: “She’s a stupid f***ing selfish little brat! She’s just mad because I didn’t let her do whatever she wanted!”

(I won’t type out what the manager said to that, only that he fired the cashier on the spot. From what he told us, she’d been written up before for insulting and yelling at children, and may have threatened to hit a customer’s son.)

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