This Goes Coupon And On And On

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A caller is placing an order for several cartons of our “Extreme Buy” discounted copy paper and a desktop organizer. The paper has a disclaimer on it that no further discounts, including discount coupons, apply, and all discount coupons have a disclaimer on them that they exclude “Extreme Buy” copy paper. Neither of the disclaimers are in small print. Free gift coupons can still be used with the paper.

Me: “Your total is $159.”

Caller: “Oh, I have a coupon that I want to use.”

Me: “Okay, what is the coupon code?”

The caller gives me her coupon code.

Me: “This coupon is for a free [item] when you order $325 or more. Your total is $159. Did you want to add something to bring your total up?”

Caller: “No.”

Me: “Your order will not qualify for the coupon, then. Is there a different coupon you would like to use?”

Caller: “Hold on a moment.” *Pauses* “Use this one.” *Gives me another code*

This particular coupon is on our website’s coupon page, down at the bottom, set off from the general coupons with a bold heading that says, “Ink and Toner Coupons”.

Me: “That coupon is for a free [item] when you spend $150 on ink and toner. You don’t have any ink or toner on your order. Will you be adding some?”

Caller: “No.”

Me: “The order will not qualify for this coupon, either, then. Is there another coupon that you would like to try?”

Caller: “Yes, use this one.” *Gives another code*

Me: “That coupon is for $15 off when you order $100, but it excludes the ‘Extreme Buy’ copy paper, along with some other categories, so it would only include the price of the desk organizer, which is $10.”

Remember that the exclusion is not in small type. It is actually in a larger type than the actual coupon code is.

Caller: “You know, it didn’t used to be so hard to use coupons! There aren’t any other coupons I can use!”

We have eight free-gift coupons that she would qualify for on our coupon page. I am pretty sure she is looking at that page, because that is the only place we advertise the second code that she gave me, although technically, she could have been looking at it previously and written it down.

Me: “I apologize. We do have several other coupons that this order would qualify for. You can choose one of the following free gifts.” *Lists the gifts* “Would you like to add one of these to your order?”

Caller: “No, just cancel it.”

Me: “Cancel the coupon or the whole order?”

Caller: “No, just the copy paper. I still need that organizer.”

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