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This Girl Gets It

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To cut down on the time the cash office has to spend refilling the self-scan machines with change, four of our twelve machines are made permanently “card only.” Even though the self-scan warns you at the beginning and there’s a sign, we still get people who ask us why there’s no option for cash once they’ve scanned all their shopping.

It is late on a Friday night. A teenage girl around fourteen or fifteen comes up to the self-scans with her dad. The girl looks at the “card only” machine and moves to the next one that takes cash with her two items.

Dad: “Hey, why did you move to that one? This one is perfectly fine.”

Teenage Girl: “I only have change on me and that one is card only.”

Dad: “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Teenage Girl: *Sarcastically* “Yes, Dad, because the ‘card only’ sign is on there for fun.”

She paid at her self-scan and began to walk away. Her dad grumbled after her. My coworker and I laughed at the daughter who could read and the dad who could read and still didn’t believe what the sign was telling him!

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