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This Game Is Right Down His Alley

| Related | November 5, 2013

(My brother in law has bought a Wii, and the whole family is intrigued by it. My mother and father have never played video games before, but are curious about a video game that includes standing up and ‘exercising.’ My father is an excellent bowler in the real world, but still requires a little bit of coaching in order to get the hang of a video game.)

Me: “Even though I’m right handed, I can get a better spin on the ball using my left hand!”

Mother: “Well I still like bowling with my right hand because my right arm is stronger.”

(Dad bowls with his right hand as well, but gets himself in position, looks at the screen, then completely shuts his eyes before, he ‘throws’ the ball. He does very well.)

Mother: “What is he DOING?”

Brother-In-Law: “Using the Force.”

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