This Game Is Rated M For Mom, Part 2

, , , | Related | May 27, 2013

(I’ve decided to try to teach my mother to play ‘Halo’ via co-op. We’ve not long started playing, and I’m trying to lead her the right way. This often involves me turning my character to look at hers and then telling her which way to turn to look at me again.)

Me: “Okay, mum! Try and follow me; we need to go over there!”

Mum: “Okay! Oh… no, wait, where are we going? I’ve lost you… Where are you? It’s all black!”

Me: “Mum, you’re behind a crate; walk backwards and turn around.”

Mum: “Oh… okay, I see you!”

(We play for a couple minutes more.)

Mum: “Argh! It’s all black again; where did you go? Am I moving forward?”

Me: “You’re walking into a wall. Turn around, mum.”

Mum: “Okay… no! It’s still dark; where are you!?”

(I have to move closer to her character to see what’s happening.)

Me: “Mum, look down; you’re looking at the ceiling.”

(She fiddles with the control for a second, and cries out again that it’s still dark. I start laughing.)

Me: “Now you’re looking at the floor; look up a bit.”

(Her character’s head flips up to look at the ceiling again, and I give in to giggles. She’s almost laughing too, but wants to make me feel guilty.)

Mum: “You should be nicer to me! I’m your mother and I’m just learning!”

Me: “Oh, my God! You’re looking at the floor again!”


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